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Neurvana is now implementing the Industrial Hemp Industry with the Government of Suriname, and currently holds exclusive rights to the 1st cannabis production license in Suriname.

With more than 1.3 million hectares of land designated by the government for development, a highly capable team of world-class professionals, and the most cutting-edge technologies, Neurvana will be able to establish the foundation for one of the largest and most advanced Industrial Hemp production economies in the world.

Thus, creating the opportunity to be an industry leader in both production capacity and innovation.

Neurvana International will be working hand-in-hand with public and private sector to establish the industry from developing policy, to putting seeds in the ground, to in-country added-value processing and export.

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In 2015, Neurvana International joined forces with Dr. Turhane M. Doerga in Guyana to help form the Guyana Hemp Association ( GHA). 

The GHA Team has been diligently working on regularizing the Cannabis Industries in Guyana. As the headquarters of CARICOM, Guyana will play a key role as a large-scale source supplier for the Hemp Industry globally. 

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