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Guyana Hemp Industry Development

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Founded in 2015 by Dr. Turhane M. Doerga, The Guyana Hemp Association is the only official Hemp organization in Guyana recognized, and working directly with the Government to regularize and implement the Hemp Industries. The focus is to help build, and facilitate the expansion of the Guyanese, and Global Hemp industries and communities.

The Guyana Hemp Association’s local community and national consultation programs, in all regions of Guyana, yielded massive support for this crop and industry as it will eradicate poverty and create jobs at every income level. This will build Guyana’s middle class and start her people down a viable path to the good life within 1 year of the industry’s regularization. The issue of left behind communities will be solved as Industrial Hemp production can be developed at any scale to be viable, while "big business" will also be able to thrive at their level.

A strong middle class in Guyana translates directly into a larger disposable income for the population, meaning private sector and public sector revenue will directly and exponentially increase for further wealth development, and expedited infrastructure development and maintenance. This playing field of equal economic opportunity will result in a never before seen level of national cohesion. With the support of all people of Guyana, ranging from the farmers in our Amer-Indian communities all the way through to our educators in University of Guyana, Large- and Small-Scale Private Sector, and Government, everyone agrees: Industrial Hemp is the answer.


Our team at the GHA delivered the "Industrial Hemp for Guyana Petition and Handbook" to the Clerk of Parliament, the Honorable Mr. Sherlock Issacs in 2017.

On October 19, 2020, the Guyana Hemp Association (GHA) met with AG Anil Nandalall M.P. to immediately begin the implementation of Hemp Industry in Guyana.

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GHA Hype on proposed hemp industry to be
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AG meets GHA Guyana Hemp Association - S
AG meets GHA Guyana Hemp Association - S
screenshot AG to approach cabinet on hem
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