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Quality Starts From The Seed.

Breeding and Growing Heirloom, Stable, micro climate specific High Yielding Hemp Strains for farmers, from all micro climates, is what we do.
We love it, and we love sharing our knowledge.

We Do Not Sell, or breed with Genetics that have been modified, mutated or altered using Silver Nitrate, or Sodium Thiosulfate, or any other chemicals.

AOSA Germination Rates Verified Hemp Genetics 100% Germination Guarantee.

Natural Seed ONLY!

Did You Know?

Many hemp seed producers force feminization of seeds, by genetically modifying female

plants so they morph male parts.

These seeds are not natural and definitely not heirloom, and instead are another form of Genetically Modified seeds.



We use only natural feminization processes to create pure heirloom hemp seeds and strains, without altering the pure genetic lineage of our landrace strains.

This ensures consistency in the purity and quality of each seed, which creates superior crops. Superior In Yield, Health and Resistance to Pests and Fungus .

In addition, we ensure heirloom lineages survive to be enjoyed by future generations of hemp farmers.

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Growing with natural seed is not easy.

You WILL need to identify and Cull the males plants from the field prior to the pollen sacs opening up, otherwise you will have pollination.

If you are growing for biomass CBD flower, you do not want pollination.

When you see the male pollen sacs form, and you have identified that the plant is a male, you must cull and remove that male plant from the field.

The hemp plant begins to show male and female expression at a very early stage, we can see it in week three of vegetative growth in most hemp strains that are dioecious.

Dioecious hemp strains, this means one where the male and female reproductive systems occur on separate hemp plants. While both plants produce flowers, one plant has the male reproductive parts and the other hemp plant has the female parts.

We need to kill the plants displaying the male reproductive organ. Kill the males as soon as you are able to identify them.

Do not wait, cull them, and make sure you don't miss any.
The pollen from one healthy male can pollinate MANY female plants.

Depending on where you are in the world, the time to cull the males will vary, In Colorado for example we start killing males in the early part of July and we are finished with culling the males prior to the beginning stage of the flowering season August.

There is usually a two to three week time frame in which you will be identifying and culling the males from your field.

Our advise is to start day one, and continue to examine your plants DAILY.

This is not a plant and forget crop, it's not corn, wheat or soybeans, it is Hemp and it is Natural seed.

If you are farming hemp you should be inspecting your crop daily.
It's what good non GMO hemp farmers do, they pay attention to their plants, and they inspect them daily.

The Case Against Chemically Feminized Seed

Hemp is a healing plant. Hemp produces the most powerful anti-inflammatory medicine in the world. The medicine which is derived from hemp treats cancer, epilepsy, and countless other ailments of which we are only beginning to learn and understand. If there is one plant which should not be compromised and/or subject to genetic mutations, it is hemp - especially when simple farm management will not only generate a successful natural crop, but a superior yielding crop compared to one grown with feminized seed.
We are continuously working in close collaboration with Cornell University, we stay on the leading edge of research for hemp. We also give 10% of our profits to Nurse Janna's "Integrated Holistic Care", an organization which helps patients identify the right cannabis medicine for their
“Feminized seed” is the genetic modification of hemp seed. We refuse to participate in the production or sales of "feminized seed". Let us explain why.

Female hemp plants produce oil in-order to attract pollen from male hemp plants and to guard against drought. As a female fails to attract male pollen, it creates more oil in the hopes of pollinating.
The reason that farmers have been told not to have male plants is due to the fact that once pollinated, the crop stops producing oil and starts producing seed. This is due to the plant’s purpose in life, which is to procreate. But we, as farmers, want only the oil production of the female flower. The concept of “feminized seed” was born with the goal of eliminating all males from a field of hemp so that the female hemp plants would continue to produce more oil in the hopes of attracting pollen. And this was achieved by genetically mutating female hemp plants through the repeated spraying of known poisons and mutagens.
The truth is, there are ideal levels of male plants a farmer would want to have growing in his or her hemp field during vegetative growth. The female plants sense the males in the field, which stimulates them to produce their optimal levels of oil. Evidence shows that female plants are healthier and more robust in the presence of male hemp plants during vegetative
growth. Feminized seed was created because of misinformation, lack of knowledge as to how hemp grows naturally and a fear of the male plant. The male plant poses no danger to the female plant during vegetative growth. In fact, in vegetative growth the male plant is necessary to let the females in the field know that everything’s okay and as it should be – males and females together during vegetative growth. We cull the males prior to pollination.

The female plant, at the last stages of vegetative growth, is sprayed with a solution of Silver Nitrate and Sodium Thiosulfate and other toxic checmicals. This poisons the hemp plant and brings it to a near-death state. At this point, the plant (Poison) which causes the plant to produce Male Pollen sacs instead of its intended female parts. The Mutated Pollen is then collected and pollenated against a normal female Hemp Plant. The seeds from this pollination is known as feminized seed.
This is unnatural to the plant, and it reacts extremely adversely. Because she almost dies, the sprayer must pause in between sprayings to let her try to nurse herself back to life and survive - and then a few days later she is sprayed again with the same poisonous solution and she falls back into a near-death state again. Confused that her own genetics are telling her she's a female, yet she is being sprayed with chemicals which tell her she's a male. At near-death, the plant fights back, her own natural genetics vs the poisons designed to confuse her. As this struggle goes back and forth, her DNA becomes genetically mutated, and now she freakishly grows male pollen sacs. Within these pollen sacs will be only female pollen, which is then used to pollinate other female plants and create only female seed. The question is: What mutations are in that seed and do you want medicine created by such un-researched Frankenseed mutated genetics?


The hemp plants grown from feminized seed will be sterile. If any seed IS produced, it will be unstable at best, producing less yield and unable to climatize. Therefore, the farmer is unable to grow his own seed from his own crops and must repurchase feminized seed annually, greatly increasing his annual crop costs.

The hemp plants grown from feminized seed are unable to climatize to the specific microclimate of the farm they are grown in. This is because the feminized seed creates sterile plants. Natural hemp plants are able to climatize significantly in one to two generations. Feminized seed is produced in a controlled environment, typically in a greenhouse or indoor. It has no chance to adapt or thrive in a specific microclimate, and no chance to pass on the specific microclimate information to the next generation to climatize.

The oil (CBD) yield per plant is lower with feminized seed than with natural seed. This is due to two factors. First, because feminized seed is sterile, it is unable to climatize to specific microclimates and performs poorly due to this factor. Plants which are not climatized produce less oil than plants which are allowed to naturally climatize and thrive in specific
microclimates. Secondly because with natural seed, good farming practices allow a small percentage of natural males in the field during vegetative growth in order to fully stimulate the female plants. With feminized seed, the lack of males in the field is so unnatural and confusing to the female plants that some females literally transform into a hermaphrodite to make certain that pollen is released to pollinate females and itself. The fact that feminized seed causes so much stress and danger to the plants that some females will transform into hermaphrodites, which is a safety valve when everything goes wrong, shows that everything IS wrong. Using feminized seed is not how nature intended the plant to grow and this kind of unnatural environment thwarts the vibrance of the oil producing female plants.
To those who support "feminized seed" - You are supporting genetically modifying a plant which has been made legal largely due to its medicinal properties. And the genetic modification and mutations are not done to improve the medicinal properties nor oil (CBD) output of the plant. The mutations are and always have been done for two reasons: In order for the "lazier" farmers to grow cannabis while not needing to employ good farm management skills, and to force the "lazier" farmers to repurchase the same genetically mutated seeds for every new crop.

It is a true tragedy that, after arguing for SO long the virtues of the cannabis plant, and focusing on its medicinal properties in order to achieve legalization, that there are seed companies mutating the genetics - ON A PLANT TO BE USED FOR MEDICINE - for the primary purpose of forcing the farmer to grow sterile plants so that the farmer has to repurchase the same mutated seeds again for every new crop grown. These Genetic Mutating seed sellers have NO substantiated research supporting their "hope" that the medicine grown from their mutated plants is as effective as the natural hemp plant's medicinal natural output. Though tons of global research has proven that genetically modified plant material directly turns on cancer cells in patients.

Those who purchase and grow feminized seed are certain to be on the wrong side of history.
Companies producing natural hemp seed have now been accused of "Economic terrorism" and "Ecological tyranny" ... These are childish charges, but let's take a good look at this, nevertheless --
Economic Terrorism - Feminized seed sellers sell a mutated seed which produces a plant which creates no usable seeds. The aim is to force the farmer to go back to the seller for every new crop for every new seed. The farmer is trapped. Like a hostage. Who's the terrorist? Natural seed sellers sell a natural seed which reproduces the same quality genetic seeds, as much as the farmer wants to produce, as nature intended. With natural seed, the farmer buys ONCE, then grows his own seeds, since natural seeds do that. So take a look - Who is the economic terrorist?
Ecological Tyranny - This is amusing. Feminized seed sellers repeatedly poison their plants until near death in order to mutate the genes which will eventually produce sterile plants -- and they want to claim that growing with natural seed is "Ecological Tyranny"??

Now let's talk about feral pollen. There is more feral pollen floating from a feminized seed crop than a natural crop which is grown with proper farm management. Here is why: Because the females from feminized seed crops sense NO males in the hemp field - some females will literally turn into hermaphrodites. These hermaphrodites will produce feral pollen. Whereas, with a natural seed crop, males are allowed to exist through the vegetative state, when they produce no pollen. With proper farm management, these males are removed from the field before pollination begins - and the farmer has COMPLETE control over how many males he allows to stay in the field, completely controlling how much, if any, feral pollen he or she wishes to exist.

Feminized seed is being sold with "fear" -- Fear the males plants, fear pollen, fear managing your farm.
Say "no" to Genetic Mutated Seeds. Hemp produces medicine. This is what we told lawmakers. Hemp is a healing plant. Say "no" to the feminized seed fear sale. Don't buy the same feminized seeds -- Over and over again. Buy natural seed -- Once. Let's make good medicine.

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