THE NEURVANA TEAM has a combined experience of more than 60 years in Economic Development, Engineering (Civil/Process/Industrial/Chemical/Environmental), and Global Trade experience, more than 30 years of O&G, more than 30 years AgroIndustry-leading Agronomy experience. Its members have also been in positions with executive leadership, each hand selected from The Netherlands, USA, and U.K. for their depth of experience and life-long track records of global success and transparent durable businesses. Their careers of impactful on-the-ground development, not only in the Latin/South American & CARICOM region, but also worldwide, gives them a distinct advantage in developing industries that will not be susceptible to the pitfalls that normally plague Foreign Direct Investment and Local Development in the region


  • Experience in over 50 countries worldwide

  • Involvement in Over 1000 Technical and/or Development Projects

  • 50+ Years of Global Commodities Trade Experience

  • Creation and Implementation Suriname & Guyana's Current Rice Industries

  • Creation and Implementation of Thailand's
    "Thai Hom Mali" Rice program (now the world's largest exporter of Rice)

  • 35+ Years of Large-Scale Industry Implementation and Operations In Guyana & 20 CariCom Countries

  • Career Project Values Totaling Over $1 Billion USD